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In today’s busy life it is quite easy for people to forget the fact that they haven’t called their parents in a while (and for those of you who do, you’re the real superheroes). But in such a fast-moving world, often parents feel like they are lacking behind.

What can you do to make them feel a wee bit happier? GO AND CALL THEM! But if you want to make them feel REAL special this time, here are some ideas for you guys to make your mother feel special because let’s be real, she has done a lot for us, hasn’t she? So it’s payback time for that special woman!

Encourage Her Hobby

Our mothers get so much caught up in our upbringing that they slowly and gradually make peace with their hobby, which is never a good idea because they leave who they really were, for us. So gift her something related to her hobby that she was master at, at some point in time. So let’s say she really liked gardening, gift her some pots and seeds and pretty water cans or if your mother really likes cooking then gift for her an apron.

Double-Sided Pendant

These pendants used to be in the trend almost 2 or 3 decades ago and these were given to the lovers who were going somewhere far from us as these open up and have a picture in it. If you have enough budget then go for silver pendants. If you have more budget, still I’ll suggest that you go for silver ones rather than gold because these give very antique vibes to them if they are silver. Next time you go for a trip or visit you, mother, gift this to them with the whole family’s picture in it.

Hand or Footprint of Their Kid

If you are gifting a new mom something then this could be an amazing option as this is something they’ll remember this forever that their baby was once this small and you gifted this to them. This idea doesn’t require much just some plaster to take the print on and that’s it. When it’s in dough consistency keep the foot of the kid on the dough and put a little pressure on it and let it dry. That’s it! That’s all it takes to make a women the happiest person in the world.

Jewellery for Mom

Some of the women are really obsessed with jewellery and if your mom in one of them then VOILA!! You now know what to do! You don’t necessarily need to buy her a diamond set you can also gift her something artificial, but make sure that it matches her taste in jewellery because some women like boho kind of jewellery while some like minimalist one, now this is your task to find out.

So these were some gift ideas for your mother apart from calling or texting her a good morning and good night every day! You cannot skip that! For more best gift ideas for mother, you can visit HappyShappy website or App.


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