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A bouquet of beautiful red roses is the conventional gift to show your love on Valentine’s Day. Or, you can change it up with an exotic orchid or a vase of roses and lilies.

Teddy Bear

Girls love teddy bears to cuddle and display. You can find a broad array of inexpensive teddy bears created with love in mind.
Select a teddy bear, printed with bright hearts, or holding a sign that says “I love you.”


You may be surprised to find that many reasonable jewelry gifts are available. Some unique choices include a moon phase bracelet, a crystal pendant, and a set of heart earrings.

Aromatherapy Candles

Give her the gift of wellness with aromatherapy candles to suit her desires. You can get scented candles with lemongrass to cleanse and purify, peppermint for stimulation, sweet orange for energizing, tea tree for promoting overall wellness.

Gourmet Chocolate

The sad old box of grocery store candy won’t cut it for a special love. You require fine gourmet chocolates to say it all. A gift basket of imported chocolates might contain delicious chocolate cookies, biscotti, or candy to match the sweetness of the love you share.

Decorative Wine Glasses

Give her a gift you can use together to toast each happy event you share. Decorative wine glasses can be elegant or silly, stemless or stemmed, frosted, gold-rimmed, or clear crystal.


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